Commodity Trade, Trade Finance and Company Administration

About us

Verva Consultancy – The Swiss Partner for Commodity Traders

We provide market leading solutions in raising bilateral and syndicated credit facilities for commodity trade.

Our team of experienced specialists are able to advise and assist commodity traders with the incorporation and management of companies, insurance, accounting & audit, taxation, HR, and other administrative matters in Switzerland.

Founded in 2013, Verva Consultancy is based in Geneva, with support teams in London, Zurich, Istanbul.

What We Do

Corporate Services

For our selected portfolio of clients, we provide corporate services which include but are not limited to:

Financial Services

We assist in obtaining and maintaining credit lines from financial institutions for trading companies. This is a thorough process including:

Turnaround, Restructuring
& WorkOut

Both turnarounds and recoveries are highly complex and chaotic processes, involving numerous parties. Careful planning and analysis with a high degree of coordination is essential. We have significant experience in such environments. We provide:


We provide advisory services on marine and credit insurance covers for the trading companies, the loss payees and other involved parties. Our services are:

Review of key policy wordings to identify critical areas to govern in the event of a large and/or complex claim to ensure cover is protected post loss.

Early intervention post large and/or complex claims to ensure insurance contract obligations are adhered to, coverage is not jeopardised by breaching key terms and the presentation of the claim maximises a positive outcome. 

Detailed review of existing and new policies to determine underlying risks for the company as well as the loss payees. 

Clients Portfolio

Set up entire bank portfolio and active management for 3 years of a Swiss based metal trading company

Set up bilateral trade finance lines from banks for more than 20 trading companies active in trading of raw materials in metal, steel, soft and energy sectors.

Arranged and managed supplier credit lines for a Turkish based steel distribution company

Arranged and managed factoring lines for a UK based metal trading company

Trained the Transaction Managers of a Swiss based two CTF funds as well as execution teams of numerous trading companies

Interim management of a Swiss company in moratorium to liquidate all the assets to reimburse the debts to a pool of banks. The case involved 6 banks, 3 insurance underwriters, 3 brokers with assets in 5 different jurisdictions.

Advised a Swiss CTF bank for recovering the stocks in MENA. The case involved parties in 3 different jurisdictions

Advised a Swiss CTF bank for recovery on a multimillion dollar receivable

Advised and managed on a supply fraud case in Africa for a Swiss based trading company, implemented SOP

Advised and managed on a on a cyber fraud case involving Chinese and Swedish parties for a Swiss based trading company, implemented SOP

Handled numerous high profile multimillion dollar cases in UK, leading the negotiations which resulted in satisfactory settlement, implementing the settlement agreements and processes involved thereafter

Participated in a team dealing with a high-profile multimillion dollar case in Belgium, lead the negotiations, provided expert opinion on the legal case

Handled the multimillion-dollar marine insurance claim in UK for a Swiss based trading company

Reviewed numerous credit procedures vs insurance policy for trading companies & its lender(s)


Verva Consultancy is managed by Ms Sule Duman.

Before founding Verva Consultancy, Ms. Duman made her career in commodity trade finance within Swiss banks BCP and BCGE, focusing on steel, metal, and soft commodities.

She has 20+ years of experience working with a high-quality portfolio of trading companies from MENA and CIS region and affiliate networks of EU/Swiss financial institutions.

Verva Team

Our in-house specialists, as well as our large network of external service providers will help you navigate through all matter related to commodity trade finance and company domiciliation in Switzerland.

Our team speaks English, French, Turkish, and Russian.